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WARNING: This contains spoilers for book one in the series.

Danger is stirring in Bale Rocks.

Maddock’s arrival seems to have triggered something. Light is being shone into the cracks of our society, and more skeletons are being exposed than I could possibly have imagined.

Percival and the Aces have spies everywhere.

The mayor seems to be collaborating with notorious slave traders the Black Hands.

As for Sayle and the Iron Fists, their grip on power is slipping with every day that goes by.

All I want is to keep my sister safe. But every decision I make seems to drive me further into the darkness—and further away from my sister.

My only hope is the elusive Sebastian Rochester. But what do I really know about him? And is it enough for me to trust him, not just with my life, but with my sister’s life?

(Blurb may change.)

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