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Margot de Klerk is a British author hailing from Oxford. She is co-parent to two naughty furbabies who fight more than real children, and daughter of two scientists who have spent 30+ years wondering where they went wrong.

Margot has loved books since she was old enough to hold a torch under her bed covers (sorry, Mum), and has been writing for just as long (not that any of that should ever see the light of day). Her professional career began in 2021, when she published Wicked Magic.

She spends most of her time writing, but rumour has it she can, on occasion, be sighted in the wild at triathlons, marathons, or swimming races. She also enjoys hermitting at home with her latest knitting or crochet project, and sewing her own clothes. She always, without fail, picks incredibly intricate, detailed, and complicated projects that are far beyond her skill level.

Margot has lived in six different countries and speaks three languages fluently. She holds a degree in Modern Languages from the University of Oxford.

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Margot loves to chat. If you want to discuss anything from upcoming book releases, to writing advice, to your favourite cat food brand, look her up here:

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