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Hi, I'm Margot de Klerk.

I'm a British-born young adult fantasy writer in my late twenties. Born to South African parents, I've lived in six different countries and speak several languages (probably not that well). I attended the University of Oxford, where the tutors attempted to impart knowledge about German literature and linguistics on me... although I probably learnt more about history than anything else. I have a passion for old languages and enjoy learning random facts about linguistics. I can't really imagine spending time not writing, but if I do have to, I'll probably be taking photos, travelling, sewing, or maybe sweating in the gym. When I'm not writing, you can probably find me patronising the local coffeeshops or tucked away in my sewing room, whipping up a new dress.

PS: Margot de Klerk is a pen name. My real name is actually totally boring.