Wicked Magic

Hunters are supposed to hate vampires—but everyone will betray their people for a price. Nathan is about to discover his.

Nathan is a vampire hunter on the cusp of graduation. He’s been training for this his entire life: the moment he qualifies and joins the rest of his family in their noble calling.

If only it were that simple.

His grades are a mess, his social life is a disaster, and what’s worse, his best friend is a witch! Add to that, his vampire uncle is back in town and his crush might just be supernatural too, and you have one big melting pot of potential parental disapproval. Nathan doesn’t think he can take much more, and then the dark mages come to town.

As bodies begin piling up in the streets, Nathan finds himself pulled deeper into political intrigue and a deadly plot that will pit him against his own family. When the girl he likes comes under threat, Nathan races against time to solve the mystery... well aware that with every step he takes, he comes closer to his father exposing all his secrets.


Book 2: Title TBD


A year and a half after surviving the events of Wicked Magic, it's time for Cynthia to embark on her own adventure...

Fresh out of school, she travels to Berlin. Her goal is to figure out who she is and what she wants to do with her life. Seems straightforward. But when Nathan calls and asks for a simple favour, she's pitched head first into danger. Throw in a blast from the past, witches with mysterious intents, and a romance like nothing she's ever experienced before, and Cynthia's holiday might just turn out to be her last mistake.

Can she unravel the supernatural secrets hidden in Berlin before it's too late? Or will she become just another victim?

Blood will be spilt in Berlin--the only question that remains is whose?

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