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Damien has roamed Earth for over eight hundred years. An ancient vampire, he governs London—unofficially—and keeps himself safe via judicious application of violence.

Life is uncomplicated. Until one day a phone call changes everything: he has a daughter.

In a moment of weakness, he ends up with a nine-year-old child. With enemies circling, Damien must figure out how to keep her safe. Does he trust the Council, with whom he has a tenuous truce? Or Adrian, the enigmatic hunter-turned-vampire who works for him? Or does he fight this battle the way he has fought every other battle in his long life: alone? When an attack at a Council meeting on his territory threatens to destabilise his careful peace, Damien finds himself facing the worst battleground of all: politics.

Can Damien protect his daughter from the evil that haunts him? He can’t even seem to protect her from the everyday dangers of growing up in the twenty-first century!


I’m a doctor, not a fighter.

Too bad in my town being a doctor means conscription to the frontline.

War? What war? I’m not talking about war—I’m talking about the gangs. They swept into our town and took over, leaving violence in their wake. Some people think we’re better off with armed men patrolling the streets and the corrupt mayor locked up in his pretty mansion, but they don’t see what I see. They don’t spend mornings and nights patching up the old men who were shot defending their land, the young children who got caught in the crossfire, the prostitutes just trying to eke out a meagre living.

No, that’s me. The doctor.

I would do anything to get the gangs out of my town. Meanwhile, my sister seems to be inviting them into our lives. I’m regaled with constant stories about her exploits, each one worse than the last.

I know she’s just doing whatever it takes to survive, but she’s going to get both of us killed. As always, I’m the one who has to take responsibility.

I’m Savannah Benoit, and this is my story.

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