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  • The Vampires of Oxford
    Violence, death, murder, mild sexual content, swearing, alcohol
  • The Iron Fists
    Violence, guns, gang warfare, death, murder, swearing, alcohol, slavery and human trafficking, explicit sexual content (including non-consensual sex, consent under duress, and sexual harassment)
  • Why are your ebooks only available on Amazon?
    All of my books are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, which requires them to be exclusive to Amazon. You can read Kindle books on any device using the free Kindle app.
  • When is your next book coming out?
    Stay up to date via my newsletter, Facebook, and Instagram, or follow me on Amazon for release alerts.
  • Will there be more Vampires of Oxford books?
    Yes! I have plenty more planned for that series, don't worry.
  • Where can I read your free short stories?
    You have to subscribe, after which you will be sent a download link to get them.
  • Are you writing more books in the Iron Fists series?
    Yes, Savannah will get her own book, which should release some time in 2025.
  • Do you have audiobook versions of your books?
    Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to produce audiobooks. I plan on doing so in the next few years.
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