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The Iron Fists

The dust has settled after the attack on the distillery, and things are looking up. Despite trouble from the military, it seems like we will make it through the winter.

But then a brutal murder rocks my small world, and suddenly nothing is certain anymore.

Separated from the one person I hold dear, I am forced to journey further and push harder for answers than I ever have before. But when we find ourselves backed into a corner, my small group of allies starts to fracture under the pressure. With new lies coming to light at every turn, I’m beginning to doubt whether I can trust the people I thought were my friends.

Worse, with new threats I don’t fully understand, my skills won’t be enough to keep me alive—I don’t have a choice but to rely on my frenemy, Bas.

Can we expose the secrets we need to save ourselves? And if we do, will there be anything left of our old lives to return to?


Coming soon

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