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The Iron Fists

Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.

Sayle has fallen and Jackson has taken over the Iron Fists—and with them, control of the entire town.

Bas and I have been pushed out, exiles with no hope of returning home.

Worse, I know Jackson isn’t the threat. Dean Hannover manipulates people like a puppeteer pulling threads, the landscape of power is ever shifting, and there are whispers of a new threat like nothing we’ve seen before.

I want my revenge. Bas wants his. And we both want our home back. But to claim it, we’ll have to fight from the shadows. We’ll have to trust people we hate. And we’ll have to do things that will secure us a place in hell.

This is my town, this is my story. I will get it back, or I will die fighting.


Coming soon

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