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The Iron Fists

I don’t like new people. They come into our town and don’t know the rules. They get up in our business. They mess things up.

That’s why when James Maddock walks into my bar, I’m suspicious. He might act like a nice guy, but for sure he spells trouble.

And that’s the last thing I need just when I’ve got my life on track.

All I want is to keep my sister safe, but suddenly, my tentative peace with  the local gang, the Iron Fists, is exploding. People I thought I could  trust are turning out to be enemies in disguise, and people I was  certain were dangerous seem to want me on their team. I don’t know where  to turn. I don’t know who is a friend and who a foe.

What I do know is this: when the dust settles, the only person I can rely on to have my back… is me.


Coming soon

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