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The Vampires of Oxford

Cynthia has never met her father. She only knows one thing about him: he’s a dangerous mage with a track record of killing shapeshifters like her.

Finished with school and struggling to figure out what to do next, Cynthia boards a plane to Berlin following a mysterious postcard from her father. She hopes to find him and finally solve the mystery of her origins. But then Nathan, her vampire hunter ex-boyfriend, asks for a favour. Look up the hunters in Berlin and find out why there’s been radio silence from the supernatural community of Berlin for the last eight months.

What should have been a simple request leads to unimaginable danger.

The more Cynthia digs into the whereabouts of Berlin’s supernatural community, the more she uncovers secrets that threaten her life. Something is going down in Berlin, but who is behind it? She finds herself torn in two directions: should she be loyal to her people, the shapeshifters? Or should she follow her heart? Which choice will keep her safe, when everyone seems to be out for her blood?

It’s a dangerous time to be in Berlin… and the answers to Cynthia’s questions might just strike closer to home than she realises.

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Urban Fantasy, YA Fantasy, Action/Adventure



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