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The main character of Wicked Magic, Nathan is a teenaged vampire hunter trainee. He struggles with winning the approval of his estranged parents, whilst balancing the fact that his best friend is a witch.

Nathan enjoys sports, hanging out with his friends, and playing video games.

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Adrian is Nathan's uncle. He was turned into a vampire in 1974. How? He's not telling.

When he's not looking for his next meal, Adrian is fun-loving and a bit cheeky. For some reason, he's not too popular with the witches...

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Monica is Nathan's best friend, as well as a talented and intelligent witch. She may not be that good under pressure, but give her the space to work and she's an absolute force of nature!

Monica moved to Oxford after her parents died under mysterious circumstances when she was sixteen.

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Damien is a German vampire of considerable age and mystery. Although hunters have been trying to curtail his activities for decades, they still hardly know anything about him. One thing is for sure, though: Damien is absolutely ruthless when it comes to defending his daughter, Lily.

He currently works as a professor of medieval literature at the University of Oxford.

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Cynthia is a normal teenage girl with a supernatural secret! She and her family have been on the run her entire life, hiding from the witches who want to use her magical blood for nefarious purposes. Now that she's arrived in Oxford, everything is about to change...

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Book 2, Wicked Blood, has a whole new cast of exciting characters. Check back in the next few months to discover more!

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