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REVOLUTION is now available

Hello, what is this, another book?

That's right! I just couldn't leave you hanging for too long, not with how book one ended. Don't worry, book two will be better, I promise. (I don't. I'm lying through my teeth.)

Book two is jam-packed with even more drama, even more danger, even more love-hate relationships... Just more, more, more! And it's here!

Here, actually << click it, go on. You know you want to.

As always, it is available as part of a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

I will be bringing you news about book three fairly soon. In fact, there's a cheeky pre-order already up... but no cover or blurb yet. No spoilers, muahahaha!

And if that hasn't slaked your appetite yet, don't forget about JADED!

That's all from me for now. See you soon!





Freedom comes at a price. When the time comes, will I be able to pay it?

Danger is stirring in Bale Rocks.

Maddock’s arrival seems to have triggered something. Light is shining into the cracks of our society, and more skeletons are being exposed than I could possibly have imagined.

Percival and the Aces have spies everywhere.

The mayor seems to be collaborating with notorious slave traders the Black Hands.

The Iron Fists’ grip on power is slipping with every day that goes by.

As I battle to keep myself and my sister safe, the mistakes begin piling up. It seems like if I make one wrong move, my whole life will go up in flames. The answer lies in convincing Bas of the secrets I’ve uncovered, but after what I’ve put him through, I don’t know if he will ever trust me again.

As things come to a head, can I find a path to preserve the peace in my town and keep my family safe, or will the price of my freedom spell disaster for the people I care about?

💃🏻 strong female lead⁠

☄️ post-apocalyptic world⁠

💻️ low-tech⁠

🔥 slow-burn enemies-to-lovers⁠

🥊 cage fighting

🗡️ betrayal/revenge⁠



I'm Margot, author of fantasy and sci-fi romance, lover of gaming and crafting, and professional research rabbit hole diver. I share book updates and interesting research tidbits about magic and fantasy in the real world.

Find out more about me.

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