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Five steps to create your moodboard

I was going to do a super-awesome introductory post here, but the internet told me that’s lame. It’s 2021, we are all slaves of the internet. So, let’s do something else.

My process for creating a moodboard about my book.

I did it for the first time today (it is technically night, but let’s pretend it’s day), and can I tell you, it is not as easy as I thought to chuck a bunch of pictures together. I swear I used to be good at this sort of thing.

For those of you who are as lost as I am, here are some (probably obvious) tips.

  1. Pick a theme. I started by defining the theme. That’s easy when you have a complete manuscript. The theme was witchcraft in Oxford.

  2. Grab some images. Do not just hop on Google or Pinterest! There’s no guarantee that those images are free for your use. I used Pixabay, which turned out to have a pretty good collection of images.

  3. Hop onto Canva. There are loads of different programmes you can use to stick your images together. My software of choice is Canva, which is a free online software. It has loads of free templates which you can customise, or you can make your own image from scratch. There is also a premium service, but I haven’t needed it yet. It’s pretty easy to use if, like me, Photoshop makes you feel like you’re stranded in China without Google Translate.

  4. Apply a filter. Woah, woah, woah, you thought you were done? No siree. The most important thing about a moodboard is that it all has to hang together. You started this with your theme, and for sure you picked images that were in a similar colour scheme or vibe, right? But there’s another trick to give it that extra mystical atmosphere and cohesion boost: apply a filter. You want to apply the same filter to each image, so that they look like they were all taken together.

  5. Admire. You’re done! Stick your awesome moodboard on your blog. And comment below to let me know, so I can check it out. Good luck, authors.

*None of these links were affiliates, I promise.

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