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NEW RELEASE! London Sucks now available

Hello folks!

This has been an exciting few weeks, so let's jump right in.

I'm proud to annnounce the release of a super-secret project I've been working on. LONDON SUCKS is a short story set in the Vampires of Oxford Universe. If you've been wondering...

- How did Lily come to live with Damien?

- Why is Damien such a pouty jerk around the Vampire Council?

- What mysterious incidents led up to the formation of the Council as we see in WICKED MAGIC?

...then this is the prequel for you.


This prequel will not be available on Amazon. For the foreseeable future, it is exclusively available--FOR FREE--to my subscribers. So subscribe now to get ahold of it and find out about Lily, Damien, Jeremiah, Ayotunde, and many more.

Already a subscriber? Don't worry, you'll be getting an email about it very soon.

Until then,



We abide by three laws in our community. One: Never reveal the existence of supernaturals to human beings. Two: Never take the life of a human. Three: The Council’s authority is absolute.

Damien has roamed the Earth alone for over eight hundred years. An ancient vampire, he governs London—unofficially—and keeps himself safe via judicious application of violence.

Life is uncomplicated. Until one day a phone call changes everything.

Damien has a daughter.

In a moment of weakness, he ends up stuck with a nine-year-old child who can’t fend for herself at all. With enemies circling, all of whom would use her against him, Damien must figure out how to keep her safe. Does he trust the Council, with whom he has a tenuous truce? Or Adrian, the enigmatic hunter-turned-vampire who works for him? Or does he fight this battle the way he has fought every other battle in his long life: alone?

But death and danger are never far away in Damien’s life. When an attack at a Council meeting on his territory threatens to destabilise his careful peace, Damien finds himself facing the worst battleground of all: politics.

Can Damien protect his daughter from the evil that haunts him? He can’t even seem to protect her from the everyday dangers of growing up in the twenty-first century!

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I'm Margot, author of fantasy and sci-fi romance, lover of gaming and crafting, and professional research rabbit hole diver. I share book updates and interesting research tidbits about magic and fantasy in the real world.

Find out more about me.

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